The Flavouring Standard for the South African Flavour Industry.

One responsibility of SAAFFI is to create a level playing field by which SAAFFI Members can operate. This includes having norms and regulations that clearly outline what can and cannot be used in creating flavourings and perfume compounds.

In the case of flavourings, rules are in place in most industrialised countries, and are normally protected by some form of legally established laws. Such policies play an important role, especially when it comes to abiding by a variety of food regulations, both here in South Africa and in other countries.

South Africa currently has no such regulations. It was therefore decided that it is up to SAAFFI to draw up meaningful standards by which the South African Flavour Industry can operate. This has resulted in “The Flavouring Standard for the South African Flavour Industry”.

This Flavouring Standard is part of SAAFFI’s Code of Practice. All Members are required to annually sign an agreement to abide by the SAAFFI Code of Practice and to apply it as an integral part of their membership.

This Flavouring Standard has been approved by the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) and is referred to in its Global Reference List (GRL).

To view the complete Flavouring Standard document download it here